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Default Re: What is wrong with Avid Scorch.

Hello Wheat,

Thanks for taking the time to report your suggestions. Your suggestions are appreciated and really help us to make the product better.

Firstly, I have made sure the product manager of Scorch is aware of your message, and I have asked him about future promotional materials and so on. I will let you know via this thread when I hear back from him.

We've just released an update for Scorch (version 1.0.3) that provides support for Sibelius 7 files. Admittedly, it doesn't quite support all of Sibelius 7s advanced graphics and text formatting features, but we're working on those for a future update.

Regarding the lack of visibility of the user guide - I wonder if the simplest fix for this might be to just design a proper graphic for the cover, instead of just text.

Hopefully I'll be able to return to you in the not-so-far-away future and let you know about improvements along the lines of the ones you've mentioned!

Best wishes,


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