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Default Mbox 2 Pro Help Request

I'm stumped.

Mbox 2 Pro - Firmware 2007-10-31 3:44:02 -0400
Mac Book Pro

OSX 10.5.6

Logic Audio 7.2.3

I've been able in the past to use my core audio drivers to operate my Mbox 2 Pro with Logic Audio and without Pro Tools LE installed. Seems obvious that this should work. I've even as expected been able to use Mbox for regular Mac audio by selecting the Digidesign drivers in system preferences under sound. Lately however I've noticed that when I start my machine I may have a working system but at some point after an unspecified amount of time the drivers stop working and I have to revert to internal drivers. Sometimes a reboot will fix the problem but only temporarily and other times it won't. I've even experienced during a reboot working drivers that immediately stop working after I get to the Mac OS X login.

Digi sight is not helpful with determining what needs to be installed and maintained for Mbox 2 pro when running outside the context of Pro Tools LE and it is even less helpful in providing tools for troubleshooting driver issues or updating them.

Any help in stabilizing this environment would be eternally appreciated.

Best Regards,

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