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Default Re: Zoom in 192kbps stereo

Originally Posted by TimCanfer View Post
Yes, it is a nightmare, esp. on mac. Despite the apparent teams on mac fix of what they call Public Preview - without software like loopback I have not been able to make it work. We have public preview and it has not worked for me using either High Sierra or Big Sur.

I cannot afford loopback at the moment (I may end up asking for my institution to buy it) so I am using workarounds like: this and fortunately we were back in our larger studios teaching (socially distanced of course) from March.

If anyone else has other experiences I would be interested to hear...
Not sure if you found a solution for this or not, but I use blackhole for routing inside my mac. its free

I'm trying to get Zoom to play audio back in stereo for participants, but have figured out to do this.
Thanks and God Bless!
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