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Default Plugs Advice: Sony vs Waves - Sonalksis vs Waves?

Looking forward to upgrading PT7 with some new plugs in January. Won't be able to test the demo plug versions with PT7 until my Quad arrives...

Been reading at the LE & TDM forums here as well as many other forums online and there are ALOT of disgruntled Waves users right now. Not fond of being WUP-*****ed.

Until I can test some of the other fine plugs available I would appreciate some advance advice & opinions from existing users of the Sony / Sonalksis / Waves plugs.

1) Although I read the Sony inflater is not meant to work as a stereo limiter like the Sony Limiter, I hear they both achieve similar results. How do the Sony Inflator or Limiter stack up against the Waves L1/L2?
2) Would the Sonalksis CQ1 achieve the same type of results on a stereo master buss as the Waves C4?
3) What other plug-ins would be comparable or better quality than the Waves "L"imiters and C4?

I know the best test will be to demo the plugs myself when the time comes...I'm anxious to hear from users already enjoying the one's I'm asking about. Thanks!

- John
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