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Default Problems Purchasing a perpetual Pro Tools License from the Avid Store

I'm having lots of problems just trying to purchase a Perpetual License (physical box) in the Avid store.

I have tried ordering it from the website via my account and also my girlfriend has tried to order it and we both keep getting error code messages asking to submit Code to Support but there is No Code, just a - symbol.

I reset my password and validated my details but in order to purchase this I am now being asked to connect to my iLok account or create a new one. I do have an existing iLok account which came with Pro Tools MP 9 so should I put those details in here (they have been previously registered a few years back)? I understand that after purchasing the Perpetual License, that I will have a new iLok with the bundle so I'm not sure why I am being asked this at the buying stage. All I'd like to do is purchase the Perpetual License at this stage.

Any help you can offer in order that I can just purchase this product from Avid's online shop would be very gratefully received as we are finding it very frustrating that it seems impossible to purchase without jumping through so many hoops.

Thanks in advance
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