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Default 7.1.2 LE to 7.3 LE for FREE - Special Offer help.


I purchased an M Box 2 Pro Factory on the 24th of May this year (2007)(in South Australia) which came only with Ignition Pack 1 and Pro Tools LE 7.1.2 and the 7.1.3 upgrade,

According to

I am eligible to receive a free upgrade to Pro Tools LE 7.3.

The quote in question follows here:

"Note: If you’ve purchased and registered a Pro Tools LE system, a Pro Tools LE hardware exchange, or an older Pro Tools LE software upgrade on or after November 1, 2006, you are eligible to receive a free upgrade to Pro Tools LE 7.3 software — Digidesign will be contacting you via email shortly. Please make sure that you have registered your qualifying product to receive this special offer.

I have registered the product but the email of confirmation i received simply states:

"Important! Please see the Downloads section of the Support area of to see if
there are additional downloads and updates for your product:"

Which takes me to a list of digidesign products and upgrades that are displayed in a pay-to-upgrade fashion, including LE 7.3.

Who do i email to activate the special offer?

Thanks much for any help in this.
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