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Default Re: Using Pro Tools to record from non Avid console

Avid can never satisfy.

I remember the times of MIX3 hardware where one interface box was 8ch and one card could take two, as in 16ch. Three cards would be 48ch, and with expanded system I remember the max track count record enabled inputs of best of the best was 64ch.

Then came HD systems where one interface box was 16ch so one card could take 32ch. Three cards would be 96ch, and with expanded systems max track count was 128ch of record enabled inputs (192 with Accel systems).

Meanwhile the native systems were hardware-locked to max 18ch inputs. Avid then introduced HDN which is 64 i/o native processing, and HDX which is still the same 192ch maximum but far higher voice count than any previous top of the line system. Both of these require Ultimate software, so now that Standard software is able to record 64ch, I call it impressive.

You can always buy two systems and sync them if you really want 2x64ch
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