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Default Re: very new to this need HELP

As far as I can see its the Fast Track 2nd generation and you can get the right drivers from there:
You need to scroll down a bit to the Windows drivers and I guess the 6.0.6 might be the one for you (Windows 7).

You also need to set up some optimization stuff within your Windows 7 system before installing Pro Tools. Check it out there.

There you find some basic info about Pro Tools M Powered Essentials.

To get to know your stuff a bit better you can watch those videos
(1st+2nd about the Fast Track interface, 3rd about how to record in PT M Powered Essentials).

You may find yourself more tutorials etc.

Important-do not record to/playback from the OS drive in your system! Pro Tools needs a 2nd separate hard drive for all itīs session
data and audio files. This drive has to be one with 7200rpm rotation speed at the least, no slower drives for the use with Pro Tools!
The most affordable drive you can use for the work with Pro Tools may be this one.
Put this into your Windows PC and you will be good to go (given you havenīt got such a separate 7200rpm drive already in there)!

So I hope you will have a good start into the recording world and lots of fun finally.

All the best and the best of success to you, VRW
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