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Default Session File Blank

Hi, so i have been working really hard on a short film with my friend for a few weeks and protools has completely screwed me over. i had all my dialog editing and half way through all my sfx editing and i got an error, so i closed and restarted and there is absolutely nothing in my session file, completely blank, except all the tracks, mutes, levels are how i left them but no regions at all...WTF??

i didnt copy the error down because i didnt think it was significant but this is how it happened: i was pasting an SFX in and the video froze, so i scrolled around to determine if i had to restart and waited a few minutes. yep, video was frozen, but everything else was fine, so i went to close session, and then a box came up and said something like "there are still incomplete tasks" or something like that "do you still want to close?" i hit yes, then a random error came up and wouldnt let me close it,

i thought that was ok since it wasnt long since i last saved ill just ctrl + alt + delete out. bad move, no regions anymore in my session. after weeks of work .

my question, is there any known way at all i can retrieve my work from temporary files, or from any saves before the last save i did. (i know you can do that in some word processing programs with auto saves or something)

oh and im on WIN XP, SP2. using M-Powered 7.4
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