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Default Pro Tools HD 7.1cs8 Updates

Pro Tools HD 7.1cs8 for Mac OS X & Windows XP

Available for download from the Pro Tools HD 7.1, Pro Tools|HD PCI and PCIe sections in the Support section:

In addition to all previous fixes, Pro Tools HD 7.1cs8 for Mac OS X & Windows XP both added the following:

Fixed: Some International Characters Were Not Allowed In Pro Tools 7 Sessions (Item # 71269 and 76222)
German, Norwegian, Swedish, and French/French Canadian characters were affected. DigiBase search criteria was also affected.

Fixed: When Controlling 9-pin Devices with MachineControl, Selections Could Appear on the Timeline When Fast-Winding Pro Tools (Item #75405)
This would occur when the Machine Follows Edit Insertion/Scrub preference was enabled.

Fixed: Pro Tools Always Overwrites Automation in Existing Playlists When Using "Import (Session Data): Overlay New on Existing Playlists" (Item # 63172)
Pro Tools would not allow a session with a 2-hour start time to overlay automation data on a session with a 1 hour start time without clearing all automation before 2 hours on the destination session.
- Automation cannot be "combined" with an overlay—the destination session’s automation will be replaced from the Session Start time of the source session.
- Inserts and sends must be consistent between sessions or they may be overwritten

Fixed: Volume Automation From a Control Surface May Be Inaccurately Written if the System Is Under Load (Item# 75888)
This could occur with high track count sessions when using the surround mixer.

Fixed: When Controlling a Non-Linear Device with MachineControl in "Transport=Pro Tools," Taking Pro Tools Off Line Would Send a "Stop" Command (Item# 77280)
This could stop another 9-pin device in the system unnecessarily.
- This change in behavior is activated only by the "Non-Linear Transport Error Suppression" preference.

The Following Fix is also included in Pro Tools HD 7.1cs8 for Windows XP Only:

Fixed: Scrubbing or Shuttling on a Record-Enabled Track While In QuickPunch could Cause a Reboot (Item #76766)
This would occur when a ReWire plug in was being used in the session or when scrubbing on a track with an RTAS plug-in inserted.
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