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Default Re: About the US-2400

To get control of all 24 faders, you tell protools that you have 3 hui units connected. I read somewhere that the Tascam will work with protools with all 24 faders (I'll try to dig up where I read it). The tascam connects via usb, so maybe it has it's own internal midi interface workaround (like the tascam shows up as it's own midi interface x 3?). It also has a flip button, which hopefully provides control of plugins. I doubt the master fader will work in hui mode though.

As of now hui mode is unsupported in 6.4, but it seems to work (according to another post by a digidesign product manager). And hui should be supported in the next release of PT.

The main selling point of the tascam is the number of faders. I think it will appeal to people who need a surface to control large mixes. Flipping through banks of faders is annoying. It also has many of the basic functions that are useful.

I used to work on a procontrol, and edit pack, so I know the functions that I would like on a control surface... mainly lots of touch sensitive motorized faders, edit mode control, flip faders, large meters, shuttle, joystick, bounce to disk button, panners.

Most of the other shortcuts can be done with keyboard strokes.
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