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Default Pro Tools HD3 in a 12 core Mac Pro - SoCal

I have recently "upgraded" to a HD Native PC setup so I'm letting the old girl go. It's running PT HD 10 on Mountain Lion and it is rock solid. If it doesn't sell I'll keep it as a dedicated tracking rig.

2.93ghz 6 core Xeons x 2
32gb ram
GT120 video card
128gb SSD
500gb SSD
500gb HDD
Brand new upgraded airport card that's way faster than the original

If someone wants to take it back to snow leopard I have a PT9HD license on an ilok. I don't know the password but it works. If someone wants to take it way back I have a PT HD 7.3/7.4 license on my ilok I can transfer.

The only negative is the case. The top front handle is bent and the door wont close or stay closed. A new case is like $80 on ebay but it doesn't bother me enough to deal with the hassle.

$900 for the mac, HD3, and PT9 license plus all my really good drum samples that I will forget to delete off the drive.

I'm located in SoCal in Yucaipa. If anyone local buys it I will throw in a 30" Dell Ultrasharp display (same innards as the Apple Cinema displays from what I understand).
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