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Default Re: SSL Alpha Link Madi AX and xtreme64 card

Originally Posted by bluemix View Post
Avid apparently refuses to offer support for PT9. Awesome.

My firmware is up to date as are my drivers. SSL has assured me the issue is with PT9. I can't get a buffer setting below 64 or above 1024 regardless of sample rate. Everything else is working fine. What is going on? Have I set something up incorrectly or is Avid purposefully crippling 3rd party devices?

Please help. I cross graded from PT LE8 in November and would really like to get this setup working optimally.

FWIW that seems very normal to me. The buffer settings are dependent on the hardware attached. So far I've not heard of many 3rd party interfaces working at a buffer lower than 64 samples with pt9. It may have to do with the software, but it's like that for most 3rd party devices.
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