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Default Ableton Live 2.1 as Rewire Slave in Pro Tools 6.1???

Does anyone know the best way to run Ableton Live 2.1 and Pro Tools 6.1 together? I've been told that most people run Ableton as a Rewire Slave in Pro Tools. Is that the way to go?

I installed both Pro Tools 6.1 and Ableton Live 2.1 today. I fired up Pro Tools 1st, then Live. Live showed up in my Inserts section, just like it was supposed to. When I set it to stereo I heard the outputs of Live coming into my Digi002. It was Great!

I'm just a little confused on where to go from here. What are the possibilities? I'm not sure if I grasp the whole concept of Rewire. I've been saying that I would like to be able to separate tracks in Live directly to Pro Tools for editing. I think this is what Rewire is all about, but I'm unsure how to do this.

Any tech. heads out there that got this whole Rewire thing down and can help a brother out?

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