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Default Dead E3 engine

Hi all,

One of my E3 engines is apparently dead, it boots all right and discovers both the s16 and the s3 surface but the engine picture on the devices tab appears greyed out with an exclamation sign and no audio passes through the console. Hovering the mouse over the engine icon gives a “not available” status on MAC address, I/O firmware version and network switch firmware version. A warning is on the bottom that states: “VENUE is currently waiting for connection to the E3 Engine I/O and the E3 Engine network switch”. Tried restoring a couple times with no effect, opened the engine and checked all cables, they all seem to be ok, checked the SD card on the auxiliary next to the mobo against the one on my other engine and they seem to be identical. Swapped the mobo between engines and same problem.

Obviously there’s some issue with the internal switch. Any help would be appreciated.

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