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Default Re: Help me with crossfades!

Originally Posted by HastyRichtardo View Post
I am new to Pro Tools and having a difficult time understanding how to use the crossfades. I have a bunch of guitar clips that I linked together but of course there is a crack/pop sound where they join when playing it back. I use the smart tool and make a crossfade but it forces me to make the fade across the full length of the two clips so it applies the fade across the entire clip instead of the very end where they meet. Is there anyway to apply the fade to just where the clips meet?

My setup is: Windows 7, Mbox 2, Pro Tools LE 8.0.3
There must be some overlap between the two regions. Otherwise there's nothing to crossfade. If the crossfade is wider than the overlap, then Pro Tools tries to compensate, and it doesn't always result in a smooth fade.

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