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Default Super-bug: Recorded file just won't playback?!?!?!

Hello all.

I've just had another attack of this problem. I had originally posted about it in the wrong place so I'll start the ball rolling again over here.

Thanks DigiTech for posting in the last thread, I hadn't seen it until now, sorry and thanks for your help.

My system is a PPC G5 HD3 System running 7.2 on 10.4.8. My drives are all formatted OS Extended (Journaled)

My issue is that Pro Tools sometimes records silent corrupted files. Luckily you can diagnose the problem as its happening by simply listening to the output of Pro Tools as it records the files. The files look right in PT but won't play in any application. Full restart fixed it today, (edit: and by fixed it I mean I could record again but the bad files stay very much bad).

Recording to different drives didn't help. And today as I was in mid-panic, I was unable to save due to an assert error! - perhaps this is connected?

We are planning to update to 7.4 as soon as we have the time but what can I do in the meantime?! Trash something?

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