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Question Pro Tools|HD 9 causing system crash when idle?

Hello DUC folks. I've been wrestling with this problem for a little while, but it's sort of like looking in a dark cave without a flashlight. I'm not quite sure WHAT to look for or WHERE, so I come here requesting help.

We've got a Mac Pro here at work running Pro Tools|HD 9, v9.0.5. Over the past few months, the Mac has suddenly crashed (gray haze, big power button logo, shutdown notice in multiple languages), just out of the blue, several times and without any sort of reasonable pattern. I've thrown it through all manner of tests -- Disk Utility/Disk Warrior, ONYX, DigiTest, etc. -- and we've brought it into the Genius Bar twice, thanks to our AppleCare coverage. They weren't able to find anything, and aside from a few minor cleanups that ONYX did, none of the other utilities needed to do anything major, either. But the problem persists, and it's so sporadic that it's really hard to track down.

One common factor seems to be that the machine crashes while idling, and while Pro Tools is NOT running, it doesn't crash. I can't confirm that Pro Tools is the culprit, but all signs point to it as being the issue, as the computer only seems to die while Pro Tools is running. The main engineer (I'm 3rd in the chain of command here) says that she thought iZotope's plugins might have been having issues, but they seem to all be running fine now, so we're not sure where to look or what to test.

I'm including a pastebin of our list of plugins, in case that can shed any light on what might be causing the issue:

Any help or suggested tests/troubleshooting is appreciated. Thank you!
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