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Default Constant Kernel Panic, Mbox2 Micro, 10.6.2


just don't know where to start, I use a MacBook Pro C2D, re-installed osx 10.6.2, re-installed ProTools LE 8.0.3cs2, a firewire hardisk where my working session is, an Mbox2 Micro connected directly to the usb port, on the other USB port an apple keyboard, ilok key and kensington trackball... Nothing strange I guess...
I've been using this same hardisk for weeks on a HD3 system and no problems at all...

The session is not big, I mean 12 dialogs tracks, most of the time using only 2, and a DV quicktime movie... I ended disabling the QT movie just in case...
I am able to work sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 10 minutes, and then Kernel Panic, IOMemoryDescriptor.cpp thing...

I've changed the memory the computer had for new ones... still the same...

My question is, what will my client say next week when I'll say "i've been working for a week now, and I still haven't finished editing the 1st sequence!!! ProTools you know..."

Please Avid.
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