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Default Re: Brasil X Digi-001 ... I Love it

You Guys

I can help you out here. Being that I speak English, as well as Portuguese, I will attempt to translate it to the masses. (By the way, I am actually studying this language, so this is like homework for me!)

"Alo Galera Digimaniacos"

Hello Digimaniacs.

"Trabalhei um bom tempo com Cakewalk e agora
estou entrando na era digidesign"

I worked a long time with Cakewalk and now I am entering into the digidesign era.

"Sei que existem muitos musicos que tambem
acessam essa pagina e muitas vezes nao entendem Xongas (nao sei se e com x ou ch)
entao criei um forum para podermos tirar nossas duvidas em PORTUGUES "

I know that there exists many musicians that also access this page and many times don't understand Xongas (I don't know if it is with x or ch ((I have no idea what Xongas are, you guys!!))) so I created a forum so that we can discuss our doubts in Portuguese

"E se eu puder tambem ajudar no que for possivel podem contar comigo."

And if I can also help in whatever way you can contact me.

"JŠ estou obtendo sucessos com a Digi-001
, importando midis do Cakewalk, gravando audio com arranjos midi, enfim ja estoou pintando o vez em quando me estrepo, mas sao problemas entre o teclado e a cadeira que aos poucos serao resolvidos
basta trocarmos estas ideias valeu???"

Already I am obtaining successes with the Digi-001, importing midi from Cakewalk, recording audio with arranged midi, finally I am already painting the caneco (don't know this word)...once in a while I foul up, but there are problems between the keyboard and the chair(??) that to few will be resolved as long as we exchange these ideas, right on??

A Brazilian discussion forum

Thanks to all for letting me practice portuguese in front of you- maybe learning this language is good for something other than talking to hot chicks after all!!
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