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Default Re: C 24 desk 'parser - rec unrecognised msg 32'

Nowhere near enough info for anyone to help! Look near the top of this(and every) DUC page for the link named Help Us Help You and have a good read. Then, come back with details.

Re the 10th fader; start with the fader calibration utility(check the manual if you need help with this). With only a single fader having an issue, I would shop for a replacement(plus maybe a couple of spares). Maybe a really good cleaning and lube would help. Remember that the fader caps are conductive, so you can't use tape or anything to "fix" a loose cap(slightly bending the tabs under the cap is a good fix).

Re the error message, here are the steps I would probably take:
1-trash prefs
2-uninstall>reinstall the C24 drivers and/or Eucon(I don't have a C24 so I'm not sure which matters)
3-uninstall>re-install Pro Tools.

If none of that helps, what changed right before the problem started? Any new software? Any change in hardware?
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