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Default Re: Sonnet Echo 3 Chasis not Recognized my Mac Studio/PT

Hopefully they will fix the issue for you guys soon.

I did get another support reply from Avid on June 22th about them officially making note of the CPU spikes because other people reported it. But, I had alright sold my HD Omni and Native PCIe card. I had also emailed them links to the DUC threads about the issue. To be honest, I simply got tired of waiting for a fix. I went with the newer UA Apollo Twin X and X8 rack unit. I needed to upgrade my origin Twin anyway (for my mobile setup). If you are still having issues you can try the workaround below. I did email Sonnet about the workaround on June 3th. I'm not sure why it worked being that it was just a weird idea that popped in my head after trying so many other things.

Mac Studio Max > Apple TB2/TB3 adapter > TB cable > Apple TB2/TB3 adapter > Sonnet Echo 3 Desktop(HD Native PCIe) > HD Omni
System info

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