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Default Re: MADI core audio interface recommendation

Originally Posted by scenaria View Post
On a different note. In your experience running the original MADI protocol at 56 44.1/48 do you know what kind of latency is produced? Kinda curious if I can get creative and push the caps aux sends over MADI into PT time based plugins and then back into console without too much latency
Yes you likely can. Your real world experience here will be determined by how good your computer is, how well setup and how well behaved your plugins are with Pro Tools and how small an IO buffer you can reliably run at. (all the stuff that HDX with DSP plugins laughs at).

The RME MADI PCIe latency itself is not the issue, their high quality drivers helping you run at low IO buffer size helps. And who knows what the latency is on the console converter and MADI side. You might be able to find specs but I'd be just measuring some RTL times and start playing around.

BTW if you want to just host real-time plugins for you live mix sessions Pro Tools might not be the best choice. RME posted this video recently: I just liked them talking about the idea of doing this (without a full DAW for live work). But then of course if you want to simultaneously record to Pro Tools... uh maybe not.
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