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Default Re: MADI core audio interface recommendation

Originally Posted by scenaria View Post
Just noticed RME has an HDSPE FX which would provide 3 in and 3 out at 56 . Only catch is two of the ports are fiber. Considering the chassis has only 3 spots and the card uses one but takes up two bays. This might be the best bang for the $
Yes the exact card I first recommended, and I explained already most stuff will have fiber ports. \_(ツ)_/

If you want three fiber connections you can get a fiber daughter card instead of the coax one. If the console is providing the clock the RME really does not need word clock, the RME clock recovery from MADI is so good. It might also be possible to run just two MADI without the daughter card if you ever get slot limited, but not totally sure. Take the time to read about and play with Totalmix, if only to understand how to turn it off if you think you will never need it. It is really nice, but causes tears for confused users.
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