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Default Re: MADI core audio interface recommendation

Originally Posted by scenaria View Post
128/144 channels from protools to the console is ideal and I’m ok if the console to protools was limited to 96.
You lost me with the asymmetry there. In terms of the MADI channel count you would have symmetrical number of channels.... MADI is a ring. What the console hardware can do internally with routing those MADI channels to/from actual IO paths inside the mixer, that's up to it.

Whichever way you go if you want this number of channels you will be buying format converters.

If you *need* wordclock for other reasons make sure you don't need to assign any of those MADI coax connections to work clock (again no idea what console you are talking about because you don't say..).

Check with RME about running their MADI cards in the sonnet chassis. You are looking at $1.7k-$2k street price range for RME PCIe MADI cards.

Make sure your console or other gear you need to connect to MADI is not doing stupid tricks with control signalling etc. that any software you might run on the computer needs to use. Legacy MADI is 56 channels, newer MADI should all do 64 channels. I suspect you mean 56??? If somebody says something has a 48 channel capacity it's either a limit in the connected device (e.g. the console section connected to that MADI only has 48 channels) not MADI itself, and/or they might be using some of the MADI channels for data/signaling/control/automation.

Budget? Latency requirements? etc. etc. If you are not sure you can pick up a used Madiface for ~<$600 and see how that goes/learn with it, upgrade to PCIe cards later if needed... and keep Madiface as a useful test/debug tool.

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