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Default PT HD 10 TDM & PT 11 Native on same Mac Audio Interface question

Hi all

been unsuccessfully trying to find answers on wether it's possible to run PT 10 HD TDM (with old Core HD & Accel PCIe cards) and PT 11 (non HD licence) on same Mac with same PCIe cards and same audio interface

I have a Digidesign blue 192 which works fine with PT10 HD on Mac OS 10.9.5
When I launch PT 11 for which I only have a non HD licence, I'm only offered the ProTools Aggregate option, not sure if buying a second hand PT 11 HD licence would change that.
I did read on multiple posts that PT 11 HD won't be able to connect to the blue 192, if the old PCIe cards are in place, but haven't been able to try it by myself.

Does anyone in the community know if there is a card/audio interface combo that can be used to run both an old 32bit TDM PT10 and a new 64bit version of PT from 11 and up on same Mac ?
The point is to being able to open old TDM session, and do new work on a 64bit PT without resorting to having 2 machines, with 2 sets of cards, 2 audio interfaces etc...

While it seems all combinations of cards and audio interfaces old and new work, it's quite unclear how they behave depending on the version of PT.
The Avid database isn't exactly helpful either, as a lot of what they say doesn't work (or is unsupported) actually works...

Any pointers, suggestions, help would be highly appreciated. thank you !


MacPro 5.1 2x3.46 Ghz 6 Core 48gb ram MacOS 10.9.5
PT 10HD + PT11
HD Core PCIe + HD Accel x2
Digidesign 192 IO (Blue)

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