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Default Re: Control 24: Preamps not working and Peak leds are lit at all times


It seems that the culprit is the sub-regulator board for the preamps.

Disconnecting this board and connecting the rails directly to the PSU puts it to work, with what seems to be a normal noise floor.

On the sub-regulator board, for each harness it reads GRD 10V -10V 10V -2V. This last value seems off to me. When connected directly to the PSU, the last value is -10V.

Does anyone know what's the actual function for this sub-regulator board? Lowering the noise floor for the preamps is my guess but I don't really know.

Will I be damaging the preamp cards running the power directly for the PSU without passing through this sub-regulator board?

To my knowledge, information about this is non-existent on any of Digi's websites.

Btw, the regulators on the sub-regulator board are: 1x LT1963A and 2x LT1175.

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