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Default Control 24: Preamps not working and Peak leds are lit at all times

I recently bought a Control 24 and its preamps don't work.

Peak led is always lit red, from the moment I turn the console on.

There's very low signal coming into Pro Tools from the channels I try to record. I mean... I can see very low signal but not hear a thing.

I live in an island in Portugal and there are no techs available. I really need some help to try to sort this out on my own.

PS: If I disconnect TB6 or TB7 (connections for the mic preamps sub-regulator board I believe) from the power supply the Peak leds come to normal (they are not lit anymore) but now there's excessive weird noise from the moment I turn the console on.

PS2: C20 capacitor was already exchanged but nothing changed.

Does anyone have experienced these symptoms before?

I'd be much appreciated for any help.

All the best,
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