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Default Divide and Conquer - MachineControl Selection Bug

Problem: When using MachineControl, if transport=machine and you have machine follows edit insertion/scrub enabled and you cue your machine in reverse, you get a magical selection on the timeline!

Reproducible: Yes, 100%

Steps to reproduce:

1. Enable MachineControl
2. Set transport=machine
3. Enable machine follows edit insertion/scrub in Setups-->Preferences-->Machine Control
4. Cue your machine in reverse.

What should happen: Machine should cue in reverse, stop, and leave the timeline alone!

What does happen: Machine cues in reverse, and when stopped, creates a selection on the timeline from where the reverse command was issued to where the machine stopped!

One of our engineers ran into this bug today when he went to perform a layback and forgot to turn off machine follows edit insertion/scrub.

How many times must I complain about this before it is fixed?! It's already in the answerbase in three entries! Check out 27175 , 8110 , and 25329.

Please fix this! Anyone else running into this bug? Please pipe up if you are!

Thanks for reading.
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