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Default D-Command, Preview, Glide automation

Hello. Im hoping that somebody can help me with the glideautomation-trick.

I have just set up a song for mixing on my brand new D-command,
And I was thinking that I want to start using the glideautomation-function.

This is how I cant get it to work......
All my plugins have all parameters set to auto enabled. All tracks are set to auto-latch-mode.
Automation is set to Preview mode. In this state the DC work like an analog console and I can do a roughmix, mark the hole song and write to all enabled, to print all automation on all tracks.
So far so good. Now lets say i want to completely change the sound on the first bridge.
I loop the bridge, tweak the changes and write to all enabled. Works like a charm.
If I go out of previewmode and set automation to read, hit works... two different mixes.
.......but now I want to glide the parameters from the vers to the bridge, and I cant seem to get it to work.
I mark the area from where I want to start the glide to where the bridge starts, and ......should I use
Glide to all enabled, or Glide to current. None of them seems to work.
Am I missing something?

Thankful for any help
/ Janke
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