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Default Re: Catalina Drivers for Avid Quartet?

Originally Posted by TVPostSound View Post
The Avid Duet and Quartet are end of life as of next month.
There has been no new update in 2 years.

I would contact Apogee, and see if they have a firmware build to revert it to an Apogee product. So you can use the Apogee IO software. (maestro) which looks identical to the Avid Protools IO

Thank's for the reply and sorry for the late reaction, not sure how the notification went past me.

I took the plunge to Catalina and the software and drivers kept working, so I'm okay for now. I will upgrade to an M1(X) Mac Mini when they'll be released this year but for now Catalina on my Mac Pro 5,1 is fine. The 'problem' is, is that I want to keep using my "Monitor / Control-knob" on my EUCON surfaces and the Duet with the Avid-software allows just that.
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