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Default Different versions of S6 and Eucon?

I couldn't find another thread specific to my issues...

System Specs:
Mac Pro 6,1
OSX 10.11.6, 3.5GHz 6-Core, 64GB RAM
PT HD 12.5, HDX2
S6 M40, S6 software 2.1.1, Eucon 3.7, connected directly to Ethernet port 1 of computer with a static IP address
XMON Monitoring Control

We've been experiencing connectivity issues between our S6 and PT, wherein we'll open a PT session after a full reboot of the S6, but the board won't see that session to populate the tracks. The S6 sees the network, everything shows as connected in the Settings/Workstation screen of the main module, and there isn't CPU or memory issues (both under 30%). We have to initiate a restart of the WSControl app, sometimes more than once, in order for the board to load the session and populate tracks. In addition, sometimes after this occurs the S6 will not link to the XMON in order for the S6 to control monitoring levels; we can hear playback, just can't control it via the main module. We have to switch focus to the XMON app and select all of the "Setup" buttons in the main module of the S6 so that they're all lit, which then allows monitor level control. Once these steps are taken everything works right as rain until we have to open a new session, in which case there's a chance these issues pop up again.

We aren't in a position to upgrade any software further as we are outside of our support plan with Avid, so everything described for our system is what it is and has to stay that way. My questions though: Might these be related to the different versions of the S6 software and Eucon? How is it that Eucon is showing ver 3.7 when our S6 software is 2.1.1? If I am able to pull the Eucon version back, would that make a difference? How would I do that? I wasnít involved with the installation of the S6 so Iím kind of working blind here, and any assistance or info is greatly appreciated.
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