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Default Outputs in the wrong place...

Hi there.

I have a protools HD system with a strange issue.

My outputs are coming up on the wrong channels. It's HD3 hooked up to two 192's, and for some reason the outputs don't appear on 1&2 (1 Left, 2 Right) they come up on 6 & 7! - AND they are reversed, so 7 is the left channel, and 6 is the right channel.

I've worked round it by changing my outputs to 6 & 7 in the I/O setup (and swapping the left/right over), but it's not ideal!

Any ideas how I can get the left & right back on to channels 1 & 2 where they should be? Maybe I've hooked something up wrong, but what do I check?

Big thanks to anyone who has an idea about this and can spare a few mins to reply!
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