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Default Re: digi 001 mic pre\'s or mackie vlx pro (xdr) mic

the addition of the Mackie gives you more mic inputs into the 001. As far as quality they are about equal, the real issue with the 001 being the A-D converters. If you want to make a major imporvement to the 001, get yourself a Focusrite Octapre, which is IMHO the best of the lightpipe mic pre units.

While some comrpession is nice when recording, I'd recommend not recording with effects, unless you buss them to their own separate track. Otherwise you are locked inot what you recorded, which may or may not work artistically once you are in mix mode.

You can use the Mackie board with your outboard comps by either inserting them on a channel and sending a subgroup or mix out to the 001, or by using direct outs to the comp then into the 001. You can use any of the 8 analog inputs. If you use inputs 1 or 2, engage the pad on the front panel. If you use inputs 3-8, make sure to check your input sensitivity settings in the hardware setup, and set to +4.
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