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Default alternative to BlackMagic PCI card for video to HDMI?

Hi all

I have an HDX-2 system in a 12 core, last gen Mac Pro Tower

NOT the trashcan.

I work in ProTools HD-10

I do some film work, and love how well the $200 BlackMagic PCI card works for me to get the film (various specs) out to HDMI to watch the film as I work.

However my 3 slots are full..... so I can't add a 3rd HDX card.

Are there and good, solid, reliable options? (that would not eat up my 3rd slot, so I could add a 3rd HDX card)

I'd rather not go back to a Canopus box..... due to the whole delay issue with the video....

any new developments?

and NO... I have ZERO interest in some sort of expensive, loud, potentially unreliable PCI chassis.


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