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Default Roland Juno Di - Midi ( Via USB to computer ) Not working.

I am using Pro Tools 10. I been trying to fix this problem since 8:00 a.m till right now. The only reason I am using this forum is because I can't wait till tommorow. First off I had some trouble installing the USB MIDI drivers for my Roland Juno Di. But I think that's fixed, even though it took 4 hours after trying to fix the "automatic Device driver update" by windows and trying to disable it.

Now , under Sound modules in windows device manager- It shows Juno Series ! I don't know if that's good enough, because turns out, I tried to play in PT and Nothing is coming out !

I used Expand Instrument. I did go to Midi setup in PT under options and set up Roland . I did check the Midi Thru option.

I am using a Mbox Mini 3rd. But that shouldn't matter, because I am directly connecting from the back of my Juno( USB )to the USB in of the computer.Plus my Mbox doesn't have a Midi in ( My preference is still Keyboard directly to Computer )

According to the Juno website this should work!
What is going on ? I did everything possible to make this work. Today being a sunday, I can't call anybody. I had a friend who has a studio. Send him a text a while ago. But I don't think he's in the studio today.

How do I fix this because I am getting really frustrated with my Roland and PT now? I lost a whole day .
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