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Default MacBook Pro Max and Dock the Good and the Bad

I've been running Pro Tools with the Dock
(Eucon 2021.1 and Pro Tools 2021.12) on my new MacBook Pro Max under Monterey and mostly it's working great. The main problem I'm seeing is the Automation mode buttons don't work. I can change modes on my computer monitor but the buttons on the dock are dead and the iPad control buttons don't work properly either.

I understand this is an unsupported system but I thought I'd report in.


MacBook 16" Pro Max 2TB 64GB
Monterey 12.5
Pro Tools 2022.7
Logic Pro 10.7.4
Eucon 2022.4
2 Artist Mixes
UA Apollo 8 Quad Blackface, UA TB Octo Satellite
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