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Default VENUE D-Show 2.0.2 Update

Available in the Support section of the website under VENUE/D-Show/Downloads:
D-Show Downloads Section

D-Show 2.0.2 Console Software Update (v2.0 or 2.0.1 required)
Download Page

Whatís Fixed in D-Show 2.0.2?
In addition to the fixes included in D-Show 2.0.1, D-Show 2.0.2 includes the following:

Fixed: Plug-in Rack Routing Is Not Always Updated after Loading a Show File, Manually Changing
Routing, or Recalling a Snapshot (Item #79280)

Plug-in routing assignments were not always being updated correctly under certain circumstances, resulting in mis-patches or a loss of audio on the affected channel until the plug-in routing was again changed or the plug-in was re-instantiated.

Fixed: Optimized Recall of Snapshot Plug-in Settings (Item #78275)
Snapshot recall of plug-in settings has been optimized to avoid delayed response when recalling a snapshot containing many plug-ins.

Fixed: Preview Mode Can be Accessed from the F1 Function Button when the Snapshot System is Disabled (Item #79617)
Pressing the F1 function button while the snapshot system is disabled no longer enters Preview mode.

D-Show 2.0.2 Standalone Software is also available from the that page and the D-Show Downloads & FAQ sections in Support.
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