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Default 6.7cs7 BIG Bounce to Disk problems - missing audio

HD3 Accel

I've done this a hundred times before, and I've quadriple checked my routings, etc..

A 5.1 session, trying to bounce to a stereo file, using the Waves M360 Mixdown plug-in.

1) Yes, I've selected the stereo output as the source.
2) Yes, I hear the audio corectly out of the L & R.
3) The file always comes up with audio on the left, and empty on the right.

There is PLENTY of DSP left for plugs & mixing.

I've tried:

Multiple Mono
Convert During Bounce
Convert After Bounce
Even Bounce to Movie
Rebooted the Mac

Same result EVERY time.

So, I went to send my client a 5.1 bounce, and I got a DAE -6033 error. So I cannot create a stereo, or a 5.1 bounce.
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