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Default Bluray in a 2012 MacPro cheesegrater

Been looking to add a Bluray burner/reader to my 2012 MacPro cheesegrater running OSX 10.12.6. I want it not so much for storage of files but to play movies on. Now I've done the research and know that for some odd reason Apple doesn't have native support for this. In the research I've also found that to be able to play Bluray movies you need auxiliary s/w to do so.

From that research I found that there appears to be just one program
that will work but it needs to be connected to the net to decrypt the video. Thing is I like to keep my daw machine off the net as much as possible. I've also come across numerous reviews of said s/w and it appears to not be all that stable. And after reading the FAQ for the s/w it looks like something I can't say here but contains the word 'cluster'.

It seems the easiest part is installing the bluray drive is the easy part. Getting it work work as a movie player seems to be the issue. Has anyone done this and if so how'd it work for you (or not)? What s/w did you use to get it to work?

Or am I on a fool's errand doing this?

The whole reason is so I don't have another piece of h/w floating around the place which is already cramped. If that is my only choice I've found a couple of external players that would normally go with one's living room a/c setup that are all-region players. Why is all-region a thought you ask? Over the past year or so I've gotten several dvd's that were mismarked as region 1 but were anything but region 1. And several dvd's I'd like don't come in region 1.

Open to options if someone has a good one.
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