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Default Re: Pro Tools Ultimate Not Saving

"If you have possibly good backups of the session be careful not to overwrite them."
Auto-save only keeps the amount of saves as you set in Preferences. So if you have it set to save 10(the default) and save every 5 minutes(the default), after 50 minutes, the next auto-save is going to delete the first of the previous 10.

"I can then save for about 20 min or so. If i then walk away for an hour or so, it will not allow me to save"
2 things on this quote; 1-maybe this is a sign of impending drive failure(it gets warm and stops working), so back up everything to another drive right away(IOW, stop reading this and go back things up....right now). 2-any time you are going to "walk away" for an hour, a meal, whatever; save and close the session(I try to never leave a session open for any length of time). If you're wondering why I say that; there are multiple reasons(1-exactly the problem you describe. 2-the power fails and your computer suddenly gets killed and corrupts the data).

BTW, drives(especially spinners)can fail at any time, regardless of how old they are(I had 2 fail in the first month of use and an SSD failed at 6 months)

Regarding backups; any session that does not exist in at least 3 places is NOT backed up(apologies to Craig Anderton). Copying a session folder works fine, BUT(a great big BUT), make darn sure that you are on top of file management, because its perfectly possible to have a session(in its session folder) to be using audio from another folder or even another drive(so copying that session folder might not include some audio files). The SAFE way to do this is to actually open the session and do a Save Session Copy, and check the box to include audio files. This way, everything gets copied, no matter where the source is.
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