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Default Re: Pro Tools Ultimate Not Saving

Yeah, I am starting to suspect the same thing a corrupt session, since it has happened a few times already. What I have done is gone into the Session Back Folder and opened the most recently saved session. I import the missing audio files and recreate the missing tracks by memory. I then do a Save As.

The curious thing is I can then save for about 20 min or so. If i then walk away for an hour or so, it will not allow me to save, giving me the aforementioned errors.

Don't know why this is happening with this session or why it gives the error that it can't open, because the session was done on an earlier version of Pro Tools. Even so, it should still open.

Don't know what you mean by: "If you have possibly good backups of the session be careful not to overwrite them."

Do you mean if I have another copy on another drive?
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