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Default Re: Pro Tools Ultimate Not Saving

If your file system is NTFS did you install Paragon or other third party NTFS support on the Mac? Otherwise a Mac can't write to NTFS file systems. If an older Mac you'd have HFS+ on the drive. But I want to make sure it's not exFAT. Or say something unusual with HFS+ settings, like ignore case. If it's using third party NTFS support I'd definitely try to copy it over to a HFS+ or APFS drive to test it there,

JBOD means "Just a Bunch of Disks" meaning if there are multiple actual drives inside the LaCie box they all show up a seperate drives not RAID'ed together.

LaCie is a Mercury? I'm not sure there is any such model. But if it's Firewire then it's old, and maybe just time to replace.

Look at those logs, you might get lucky.

There is maybe a more research that it might pay to do to see if others have resolved this after getting the same error messages but sessions on an old spinning HDD on FireWire... I's be replacing that with a SATA SSD or even better a NVMe SSD if you have PCIe slots available.

If your internal SSD is fast enough (if it's using the motherboard SATA connections then it can only run at SATA II speeds) I'd try running some sessions there. You can try bumping up the disk cache to just cahce your session (disk cache meter stays green). But maybe just time to replace that slow HDD anyhow. If there is a free slot PCIe slot (ideally with 8 PCIe lanes or more) I'd be adding in a PCIe to M.2 adapter card and M.2 card, they are often a fantastic upgrade for a Cheesegrater.

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