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Default Re: Pro Tools Ultimate Not Saving


I'll try to answer as much as I can and troubleshoot some of your suggestions.

This only happen on one session? Or happens on more than one? Do you have enough time working with or testing other sessions to know?

It has happened on other sessions before, but not in a long while. I've tested other sessions on this drive and other drives and they seem to be OK

What is the first error message Pro Tools posts? Exact text please.

Sometimes it will post "Session Back Up Not Available" if this does not pop up, but if I try to save the session it will say: "Session Can't Be Back Up". I don't know it this is the exact phase, but it is pretty close.

And your exact version of Pro Tools is?


Your exact macOS version is?

High Sierra

Your 4TB LaCie drive is what *exact* model? connected to what exactly on your Mac Pro? (does it use any PCie interface cards for example etc.?). It it a single 4TB drive? or multiple drives? running JBOD or RAID or???

No RAID. The LaCie Drive is a Mercury connected by a firewire to Mac.
It is a single 4TB external drive. Does not use PCie card. Don't know what is JBOD.

The LaCie drive is formatted with what exact file system?

I'll have to check, but I believe it is NFTS

Pro Tools log files are in ~/Library/Logs/Avid Look at the log file for when there is a failure and see if it says anything interesting.

I'll check

Is anything showing up in syslog in Console.App around the time there are problems (I expect not but check).


What other troubleshooting have you tried? You should be trying trashing Prefs. And running the session off a different drive. Make sure *all* the assets used by the session are moved with the session. Can you test on the internal drive? (ideally that's an SSD) but maybe with Disk cache configured just large enough (not set to "Normal") to just cache your session (Pro Tools disk cache meter turns green) you likely should see that run OK. Try moving all plugin files out of the plugin folder (plugins get involved when you save a session, so *might* be a suspect here). Tried creating a new admin account and testing from there? See standard troubleshooting under "help us help you" up the top of each DUC web page.

Trashed preferences. Opened a blank session and tried importing session in question, which immediately pops up the error: "Can't open, session created on an older version of Pro Tools. From what I've seen in other forum posts, this seems to be a standard error post for this problem.

12GB of RAM? Uh. Minimum systems requirements has been 16GB with 32GB recommended for ages now. I would hope Avid support looked at that with you.

Hopefully you have that as 3 x 4GB DIMMs with one DIMM in each of Slot 1, 2 and 3. All identical make/model/part number/timing spec etc.

Actually, I have 4 x 4 GB DIMMs for a total of 16 GBs. I made a mistake when I said it was 12.

With such a small amount of memory hopefully you are not running many VIs etc. and you have disk cache turned off (set to "Normal"). I'm surprised you have you not upgraded the system? 3 x 8 GB = 24GB should not be expensive and maxing out memory on an old cheesegrater is the first thing I'd do. (NVMe/PCIe SSD is the next).

No VIs, just audio tracks. Disk Cache is Normal. I do have an internal 2Gb SSD Drive, but don't usually use for session.

What does the memory pressure graph in macOS Activity Monitor, on the memory page show as you are running this Pro Tools session. It should be mostly green.

Yes, this is mostly green. Since this is an HDX system, a lot of the processing goes to the Pro Tools PCI card, so the system does not use much internal computer memory.
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