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Default Re: OSX vs Pro Tools vs License version hell

Seems counterintuitive to restrict licensing/purchasing from the ASC but, well, Avid...

Definitely wouldn't "buy" ASC access for this.

In my Download Center, I could go to 12.6.0. I downloaded the image and it opened. This is on macOS 10.13.6. That's my earliest version 12. (Then I go back to version 11 and 10.) Since 12.5 isn't in the Download Center, I'm guessing it is only available with accounts stuck at that version (and therefore, most likely, the images were never repacked since it isn't available to the general user group.)

I checked my personal software repository but I didn't keep 12.5. Only 11.3.2 and 12.8.1. So I don't have a way to extract an installer for you (there's a complicated way to do that for the ones that don't open on modern macOS by using Windows, MacDrive, and a network shared folder like a NAS or SAN)
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