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Default Re: OSX vs Pro Tools vs License version hell

Originally Posted by CameronAdair View Post
I am trying to get Pro Tools to work on OSX 10.12.6.

In my iLok License Manager it says I have a license for "Pro Tools HD 10/11/12 - non-upgrade plan"

I currently run Pro Tools 12.5.2 on a computer on OSX 10.11.6. In "Avid Link" on OSX 10.11.6 it says "Pro Tools | Ultimate" and has Pro Tools 12.5.2 installed.

On my OSX 10.12.6 computer, "Avid Application Manager" freezes and doesn't log in or populate.
You need to stop wasting time with app manager, it's unreliable bloatware that was replaced with Avid Link, which is also unreliable bloatware. There is advice all over DUC to uninstall that bloatware, especially the older versions you will be running. You could have saved lots of time if you just searching the forum first.

None of this App Manager or Link software AFAIK ever correctly looked at licenses you own and let you know what you could install or run. Stop using this crap and and manage your system yourself. Downloads are in your Avid account or the download center and the Pro Tools compatibility table is where it's been for many many years.

I have downloaded both Pro Tools 12.5.2 and 12.6.0 to OSX 10.12.6. Pro Tools 12.6.0 says I don't have a license, despite my iLok being licensed for Pro Tools HD 10/11/12.
That's because you *don't* have a license to Pro Tools 12.6 or later. The license you have will activate Pro Tools up to and including Pro Tools 12.5, Things changed in Pro Tools 12.6 and you would have had to be on a upgrade plan to get those updates. Also widely discussed on DUC in the past (this stuff is getting on many years old now), you can search for those past discussions.

What you can run is up to the last version of Pro Tools 12.5 and what macOS versions that is compatible with is as always give by the compatibility table:

Which says Pro Tools 12.5.2 is officially supported on Mavericks (10.9.5), Yosemite (10.10-10.10.5) and El Capitan (10.11-10.11.6). El Capitan was not a great release so I'd probably avoid that. So not officially supported on 10.12. Maybe it can run, maybe not, mac OS has been changing so much with so many issues introduced over the last few years I'd really be trying to stick to officially supported stuff.

Pro Tools 12.5.2, the .dmg doesn't open and Finder says "The following disk images couldn't be opened" "Pro_Tools_12_5_2_Mac_91790.dmg" "image not recognized".
That is likely a whole separate issue. The dmg image is likely corrupt. You should be able to open the dmg. Try deleting it and downloading again. Make sure you have enough disk space and the whole file finishes downloading and the size is as expected. If you are still having problems and this is the version of the installer you really want/need then file an Avid support incident/talk to support.

Why doesn't Pro Tools 12.5.2 install on OSX 10.12.6?
The dmg error you are getting has nothing to do with actually installing Pro Tools, it is not even getting to the Pro Tools installer, the dmg disk image is not even opening, and it should. But installing, or at least the dmg unpacking and the installer launching is one thing, and everything working and being officially supported is a totally different thing. And since Avid says Pro Tools 12.5.2 is not supported on OS X 10.12.6 I would not be wasting time even trying to install it.

Why does Pro Tools 12.6.0 say I don't have a license?
Objection! Asked and answered.

Does "Pro Tools HD 10/11/12 - non-upgrade plan" include only up to Pro Tools 12.5.2 and not Pro Tools 12.6?
Ding ding. Yes correct!

How do I get Pro Tools to run on OSX 10.12.6?
You take advantage of the update reinstatement program running now to purchase a Pro Tools license update, and when you do that you might as well update to a later macOS version if you can and a more recent compatible Pro Tools version. Lots of improvements after Pro Tools 12, including significant improvements to AAX plugin processing, and many others. And with Macs going Apple Silicon you likely want to be on an update plan and not cut of and left to die on the Intel desert island.

Or you downgrade the operating system on the Mac to a version that is compatible with Pro Tools 12.5 or similar. Be careful and check what is the earliest versions of OS X your Mac can support.

If you are badly lost call up a good Avid reseller and talk to a sales rep, hopefully one that understands Pro Tools licensing, I'd recommend Vintage King. If their reps don't know all the answers I expect them to find you somebody who does for you.

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