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Default OSX vs Pro Tools vs License version hell

I am trying to get Pro Tools to work on OSX 10.12.6.

In my iLok License Manager it says I have a license for "Pro Tools HD 10/11/12 - non-upgrade plan"

I currently run Pro Tools 12.5.2 on a computer on OSX 10.11.6. In "Avid Link" on OSX 10.11.6 it says "Pro Tools | Ultimate" and has Pro Tools 12.5.2 installed.

On my OSX 10.12.6 computer, "Avid Application Manager" freezes and doesn't log in or populate.

I have downloaded both Pro Tools 12.5.2 and 12.6.0 to OSX 10.12.6. Pro Tools 12.6.0 says I don't have a license, despite my iLok being licensed for Pro Tools HD 10/11/12. Pro Tools 12.5.2, the .dmg doesn't open and Finder says "The following disk images couldn't be opened" "Pro_Tools_12_5_2_Mac_91790.dmg" "image not recognized".

Why doesn't Pro Tools 12.5.2 install on OSX 10.12.6? Why does Pro Tools 12.6.0 say I don't have a license?

Does "Pro Tools HD 10/11/12 - non-upgrade plan" include only up to Pro Tools 12.5.2 and not Pro Tools 12.6?

How do I get Pro Tools to run on OSX 10.12.6?


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