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Default Forum Restore Information

Due to corruption of the forum database, we had to do a complete reinstallation and database rebuild.

Everything in the database is exactly the same as it was around midnight west coast time on Saturday night (12 am Saturday morning).

Unfortunately, all posts (and any new member registrations) between 12:05 AM (PDT) Sunday and 4:01 PM (PDT) today (Monday) are gone for good, since the last good restore point we had before the database corruption last night was around 12:30 AM yesterday.

So if you made a post during that time, it will not show up and you should feel free to post it again.

If you created a new forum account, or changed anything on your forum account during that time, you will need to repeat that process, as the forum database will not contain any new changes or accounts between 12:30am Sunday morning and 4:00pm Monday afternoon Pacific Daylight Time.

Our apologies for the temporary outage, and thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this.
Bruce Paine
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