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Default Session setup logic issues with Sync X

Sync X, configured with WC In/Out to a MTRX and Loop In/Out to a HD I/O.

If I want to use the MTRX's internal clock (when not working with video), I would expect to be able to select MTRX as Clock Master in session setup, and have the Sync X send loop sync to the HD I/O.

There is a logic issue however as, as soon as the MTRX is selected as the Clock Master, Pro Tools assumes the Sync X Clock Ref is Loop Sync, and it cannot be set to Word Clock without changing the Clock Master back to Sync X. Audio sometimes works in this configuration but not always - I managed to get it into a state where pressing play always resulted in AAE errors, although it seems fine now (ignoring the erroneously reported Clock Master in session setup).

Also, a cosmetic bug: Hardware Setup displays the Clock Master sometimes as SYNC HD instead of Sync X.

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