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Default Video Engine can't launch

I am troubled now cannot play a video truck without being able to load video engine.
The progress bar which I am going to load appears and becomes 100% in more than one minute when I turn on the check box of the video engine, but does not start even if then it passes for several minutes.
And the following alerts appeared after around ten minutes.
"Kernel extension is not from an Identified developer
The kenel extension at "/System/Library/Extensions/DeckLinkFrameBufferDriver.kext" is not from an
identified developer but will still be loaded.
Please contact the kernel extension vendor for updated software"
Is this driver made in Avid?
Answer myself. It's a Black Magic's driver.
I do not remember that I installed the driver, but QuickTime video format is DV.
So the session that imported the video truck of this format may require Black Magic.
OSX10.9.2 PT11.1.3 HD Native Mac Pro Black UAD-2 Oct

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